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Maida was patient and thorough with us. Before, during, and after labour, she constantly offered suggestions and alternatives to us. During labour I appreciated when she told me I was strong and I could do this. My husband was happy to have her support in the labour and delivery room. I guess my “death stares” threw him for a loop!

I highly recommend using her services. She helped make our birthing experience easier and more memorable. Thank you, Maida!


- First time Mom

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Maida was our first choice to be our doula for the home birth of our second child. She is confident and very assuring. She was also professional and organized. My husband and I felt more at ease with her gentle guidance and tips. From our initial meeting to our postpartum visit, Maida always had her confident and professional demeanour. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit plus I wanted a doula who was a mom already, and she was great with my toddler and dog too!

Maida is such an asset to the doula community and we are so blessed to have had her at our birth & for the wonderful memories she captured for us!

Thank you again, Maida!


- Second time Mom

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When my wife told me she wanted to use a a doula to assist in our first childbirth. I replied “Who’s Adula.” Maida came to our house for a meet and greet, and to go through our birth plan. I was quite happy to have some one there assisting my wife since I do not do well in a hospital setting. My wife’s delivery went according to plan for an induced labour until my daughter got stuck, turned blue, lost her heartbeat and the room went from 5 people to 30 doctors working on my daughter. Maida was great during this time helping me and my wife stay calm. When my daughter was taken to the NICU, Maida stayed with my wife while she was being stitched so I could be with our daughter. 10 months later we called upon Maida again knowing we were now pregnant with our son. Our son came 6 weeks early and Maida was quick to answer the phone, asked what we needed, and even went to our house to pick up some movies. When our son went to the NICU for being a preemie she again stayed with my wife so I could be with our son. Both our kids are healthy and happy and Maida was a big part of their first day in this world.


- First & second time father

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